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April 4, 2007--American Idol--Tony Bennett Night
The King of Swing, Tony Bennett, mentored the Top 9 American Idol contestants. Most Streisand fans cringe at the name of Tony who has defeated Streisand at the Grammys consistently since Back to Broadway. Tony has dominated the adult contemporary category and in doing so amassed 15 Grammies. When introducing Tony, they quickly showed a clip of Tony singing with Streisand. It was only fitting that three contestants chose songs performed previously by Barbra: Smile, I Got Rhythm, and On a Clear Day. What? On a Clear Day? What does that have to do with Tony Bennett? Regardless, Jordin Sparks (one of my four early favourites) gave a stunning rendition of On a Clear Day. BTW, she also tackled (and I must say brilliantly) Shirley Bassey's I Who Have Nothing a few weeks back. Melinda Doolittle was really great with I Got Rhythm (but after the past few weeks has left me wondering if she has much of an upper range--her highest notes just don't seem that high). Now, Gina Glocksen might have just ended her run on AI by singing that dreadful Smile. Neither Streisand nor Bennett could breath life into that lugubrious song, so it wasn't surprising that Gina failed as well. I really feel she is in danger of elimination. The only thing that might stop it is if the viewers have tired of Haley Scarnato's legs or if they no longer can bear to look at the singing corpse that is Phil Stacey.

Of course, I am voting for Sanjaya Malakar (also known as Sangina). Actually, I am voting for his hair. I can't live without knowing what his next hairstyle will be. Please help me keep him on by voting for him. You know you want to.

2007-04-04 21:10:12 GMT
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Hi Barbra - I hear you're going to be on the season finale of american idol. I just wanted to wish you all the best. Love, Trixie.
2007-04-04 22:11:23 GMT
I heard the same thing. I also heard she will advise all the contestents to sing from the Babs songbook such gems as "Emily", Smile" and "Grandma's Hands" (my fave!). I think the show should evolve into a contest where people vote on hairstyles and Barbra could advise them to adopt her "Star is Born" hairdo for one show and then her "Meet the Fockers" hair the next. It could be renamed "Hairmerican Idol" Jon Peters would be the stylist since he did such wonders for Barbra in "For Pete's Sake."

The Washington Post did a great story on the importance of Idol hair.
2007-04-04 23:13:10 GMT
If you go to, you can now listen to snippets of the concert. I just listened to it and I was horrifed by how deep her voice has gotten and how SLOW every song is. I didn't notice it when I saw her in concert. Also, I grew completely enraged when I realized, once again, that she totally dissed "Emily" in this concert. When will she realize that "People" is no longer her signature song?!?
2007-04-04 23:16:49 GMT
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