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October 29, 2006--EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL
Someone shoot me!  Or chainsaw me!  This is, right now, the most fabulous show in New York.  I was tempted to say "on Broadway", but it technically is off Broadway.  Based on three movies (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, The Army of Darkness), this show tells the story of our hero and his fight against the Candarian Demons.  Those who saw the movies will remember the horror of the first installment, the introduction of camp in the second one, and the outright camp approach to the Army of Darkness.  This show  takes the camp approach of the third movie.  And  how!    With hilarious  songs and performances, this show rocks!  Move over Spamalot.  Move over Rocky Horror.  And move over all of Broadway.  This is the ONE show to see.  BTW, the first three rows are what's called the splatter zone.  One guy in the first row was covered with "blood" after the show ended.  Yes, the "blood" shoots out into the audience.  Wonderful!!!  Loved it!!!  BRAVO!!!!
2006-11-02 17:04:13 GMT
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